Why I’m going to be #1

I work harder
I work smarter
I take better care of my team
I create goals that are so high that everybody thinks I’m crazy
I can’t be stopped no matter what the world throws at me
Adversity only makes me stronger
Haters only make me more confident
I want it more than our competition does
I’m willing to share the gains with my team and am not doing it for the money
I’m an underdog and nobody expects me to win
I’m willing to lose it all and not afraid to start over
I take risks
I make decisions
I ask for advice and respect the input of others
I empower my team to do the same
I’m full of positive energy
I’m willing to do the work that others are too lazy or arrogant to do
I push myself harder each day and get better each day
I do it for my family both those with me now and those that I’ve lost
Because nobody remembers #2 and I will be remembered
I’m willing to die trying
I’ll continue to sacrifice and do whatever is necessary
I do it with integrity and honor
I respect my team and know I can’t do it without them
I’m willing to be aggressively ruthless as needed
I continue to learn and gain more knowledge every day
I have a plan
I’m not afraid
I’m surrounded by amazing people
I know who the non-amazing people around me are and won’t waste my time on them
I’m cutting edge
You can’t stop me
I’m intelligent
I’m kind
I care 😉