K.R. Uregar

Mario is a true problem-solver. Non-stop go for the gusto kind of person. He is someone who when he says he is going to do something, you don't have to worry about it. His work speaks for itself. Whatever he touches goes from copper to gold. Mario is not only a savvy business man, but overall from my dealings with Mario he is someone who is sincere. A rare breed. I highly recommend Mario and look forward in hopefully working with him again at some point.


Elias Darraj

Mario is a value-add to any organization he associates himself with. Not only is his input and advice always valuable and on-point, but he is seemingly in three places at the same time. I would highly recommend him for any business venture or collaboration.

Michelle Bodner

Mario is a value-add to any organization he associates himself with. Not only is his input and advice always valuable and on-point, but he is seemingly in three places at the same time. I would highly recommend him for any business venture or collaboration.

Management and Financial Consulting Services

Kimberley Pierce

Mario is highly accomplished and always willing to help another business person improve the business. He is a river of good ideas.


Tony Laforgia

Mario's reputation for being driven sets an example for others to follow.His work ethic allows him to stay on top of everything and continues to develop and grow his business.

Director- Finance at Association of American Publishers

Steven Rymer

Mario is indeed the "problem solver." He has been a great help to many people including myself. It takes a very self-motivated and ambitious person to manage everything that Mario does and he certainly asses those qualities. Keep up the success! I look forward to do more future business with Mario. Thanks for the help.

Owner at Liberty Tax Service

Thomas Fedele

Mario is a well-spoken and self-motivated. He knows how to get the most of the people he has working for him and can handle any situation with a calm confidence. In my dealings with Mario he has been completely professional and a pleasure to work for!

Experienced in Tax Office and Golf Course Management

Bob (Robert) Schneider

Mario is an extremely dedicated problem solver with the ability to delegate and hire the proper people to get the job done. He is an asset to anybody who has the ability to hire him or work with him.

AD Sales at Liberty Tax

Melissa Shattuck

Mario is an entrepreneurial thinker with strong networking skills and the unique ability to carry his visions through with well executed business plans. He has excellent business development and leadership qualities that helped him excel as an Area Developer. Mario was consistently a top performer in his organization. As a client, I would consider him an early adapter, a strong collaborator and a trend setter. It was always a pleasure working with Mario.

National Account Executive at Careerbuilder.com

David Rocci

Mario is one of the brightest and most creative businessmen I've ever met. His cunning when developing unique approaches to driving results are unmatched. Mario is a leader, a mentor, a business partner and colleague. Mario is the guy you want by your side, in your corner and on your team. His energy and passion are contagious .

Business Owner

Michael Galetti

Mario is success driven and gets the job done. He is committed to excellence and outstanding service. The customer is always right, regardless. He would succeed at any attempted endeavor. A terrific guy on a personal level and an achiever on a professional level.

Retired Public Accountant

Ty Lav

Mario is an innovative, out of the box thinker. There no such think is "can't" in his vocabulary. Mario holds himself and his team to a very high standard of excellence. If you have the privilege of working with Mario, you know he will pull out all the stops to make things happen and to get it done right for all stakeholders.

President at The Royalty Group

Keith Jacobs

Mario is one of the most driven individuals I have met. He is focused on providing excellent customer service, and has a strong business acumen, that has allowed him to rapidly develop his franchise area. If you are interested in developing your own business, Mario is a highly credible individual, and I recommend you reach out to him.

President at iUnlimited

Phil Kempisty

Mario is a get it done guy. when there was a problem or I needed support Mario was there, immediately, getting the problem resolved and getting the job done.

Managing Director at SMC International Group, Ltd.

Jeff Van Note

I am not sure one person can out-work Mario, aka "The Problem Solver". His dedication, expertise, and care for all that he is involved in is something to be appreciated and respected. The ability to motivate and mentor is something that has been gifted to him.

Mortgage Loan Originator at Residential Home Funding

Phil Napolitano

Mario is a true entrepreneur and offers a wide range of services to his clients. No matter the type of service he is providing, Mario is a tireless worker. This work ethic and the superior service he provides, afford me a high level of confidence whenever I refer a client his way. Mario is a true professional and has my highest recommendation.

Owner at the Law Office of Phil Napolitano

Joel Rivera

Mario is an amazing Businessman with a great understanding of how to create businesses that do what's important and that is to Help People! I highly recommend Mario and all of his Ventures because they are a true asset to our community.

Majority Leader of the New York City Council

Walter Sarmiento

Mario is the hardest working individual I have ever met. In working with Mario, he has never failed to disappoint, when he says something, he delivers. His vast experience in business, management, leadership, his willingness to learn from anyone, his work drive along with his ambition to be the best at anything he applies himself to, makes Mario who he is.

CDPE, IMSD, Associate Broker at Keller Williams Realty NYC Group

Jeff Mandel

Mario is a hard working goal seeker. I appreciate it when someone says they are going to do something, they actually do it! Mario is that kind of individual.

VP Business Development / Consulting

Christine Ra

Mario is on top of his game! Full of energy and quick to make things happen, he is a great person to work with. I was impressed with his real estate knowledge and financial background. He also has an ability to present what he knows in a way that is engaging, organized, and easy to understand. His marketing skills are top-notch.

Ra Partners Real Estate

Yan Perepletchikov

I have have Mario as a guest speaker at a class that I teach on several occations. His topics on credit have always gotten high reviews and always rate as one of the highlights of the course.

Associate Vice President at FRM Americas LLC

Shaquille Qureshi

Mario is a true example of an entrepreneur. He is a great person to work with and learn from. I was very fortunate to have worked with him and would like to wish him the best of luck in all his business endeavors which I know will be successful. Thanks Mario!

Analyst at Fortune Global 500 Company

Robert DiNapoli

Mario is highly skilled in the areas of tax preparation, credit repair and mortgage brokerage. He does not cut any corners and values his clients in the highest regard. Mario and every member of his team are genuinely goal oriented and have proven to always get the job done in the most professional and efficient manner.

EA at DiNapoli Associates, Inc

Sukhtej Singh

Mario is an aggressive and smart entrepreneur. I contact him anytime I seek advice on a business or real estate opportunity. He is a pleasure to work with and his consultation has been an invaluable resource.

PB - Equities Analyst at Goldman Sachs

Cliff Birnbaum

Mario has tremendous communication skills, and has the ability to work with new business owners, and professionals of many years. Manages people well, and is attentive to detail. A closer of the highest order. Aptly nicknamed "The Problem Solver". Particularly enjoy working on projects with Mario. Very capable business developer.

Area Development at Princeton Financial